Saturday, December 31, 2016

Travel Guide - Packing List - Las Vegas winter edition

Ready for party life in Las Vegas? Inspired by movies like 21 (blackjack) and the Hang Over? Get ready for cold winter and chill desert weather at night by packing these recommended items

  • ID
    • If you look young, the casinos will card you all the time for every drink your order and every round you play. Yes, you will be sent back to your room if you cannot provide such identification.
  • A cross body handbag
    • Easy to carry hard to lose, best for crowded places
  • A scarf
    • For fending off the cold
  • Hand gloves
    • For staying warm
  • Clutch
    • For parties, clubbing
  • A little black dress
    • For formal dining, fancy dinner, red carpet and clubbing
  • A warm jacket
  • Formal clothes
    • For fine dining, and formal occasions
  • A selfie stick
    • For documenting important memories
  • Change
    • For tipping all the little helpers and not having to risk your credit card being lost or stolen
  • High heels
    • Great for clubbing, at times even REQUIRED by fancy famous clubs. Heels are must haves. 
  • Hand cream and lotion
    • Vegas can get very dry
  • External battery
    • Cell phones are important for staying in touch with your friends when they travel and party. Have extra juice just in case!

What not to bring
  • A car
    • While taxi rides can be pricy, overnight hotel parking is even pricier, plus you don't want to get a DUI after a cocktail or a glass of wine / champagne. 

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