Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gadget - Fuel Rod External Battery Charger at Airports

During our December 2016 travel to the Las Vegas airport, we found these gadgets on sale for $25. For $25 dollars you can buy this external battery (the charge level is unidentified). It comes with an iPhone charger / adapter, old iPhone iPad adapter as well as a Samsung / Android adapter. The Android adapter also charges this external battery pack called fuel rod. At the airport, you can also exchange your purchased battery for another fully charged fuel rod if you run out of juice. Just the cables alone are really worth the money. Charging cables are usually expensive when sold separately. There is no wall outlet. We were able to easily charge the battery at a modern hotel where USB charge stations are available. We didn't try exchange the fuel rod. Highly recommend this gadget. Especially for Pokemon GO players in Las Vegas. There are lots of pokemons there!

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