Sunday, March 1, 2020

Modern Coworking Co-living for Young Tech Professionals in San Francisco Bay Area

Why coworking? Why not just work from home? In addition to be trendy and fashionable and visit the most grammable places, we humans have a fundamental need to socialize. 

Remote Co-working

Due to limitations and health concerns, remote co-working has become increasingly popular. Here is your remote co-working toolbox: zoom,

But nothing beats the excitement of discovering a new co-working space in person that is so glorious and beautiful that looks like a high end coffee shop or a MOMA museum floor. 


Downtown SOMA hour-by-hour flexible co-working in San Francisco. It is lovely. I love the interior design, spacious, open, lots of seating, friendly, there's a day coffee shop which turns into a bar by night or during special event. Plenty of conference rooms for stunningly reasonable prices. The phone booth has thin walls so it is a bit less ideal. 


Want to live in the outrageous tech epicenter of San Francisco? Outsite lets you stay in a lovely Victorian style exterior, ultra modern interior super apartment in the heart of Castro for a fraction of price, with even the pent house apartment going $3000 a month or under. The best part is it has outpost in Lake Tahoe, Hawaii and Tulum Mexico! It is designed for co-working with spacious common space, kitchen and lots of caffeine. Some houses feature extraordinary patio or backyard and even surf board storage. Some locations require minimum number of nights.

I read somewhere that the Hawaii locations are supposedly surfer heavens! The Santa Cruz houses are probably great for Cal surfers.

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Mural palo alto
Did you know you can order at Blue Bottle Coffee via the private counter on the co-working side of the super popular jam packed coffee shop? You can have it delivered to your private room / table. Though most of the time, you realistically have to pick it up at the counter. 

Elite Coworking at Private Clubs

Battery no phone
Modernist offers some afternoon co-working and tea.
Fancy co-working spaces with reciprocal membership

Villa like co-working spaces by ondalife!


Women founded women only safe and comfy co-working space.


A bit retail focused as it is on one of the high floors at Westfield Mall located on 5th and Market in downtown San Francisco. Bespoke features open floor plans, a mini climb wall like space, conference rooms that have unique arts and carpeting including one that looks like foliage.

Kit Tea

KitTea San Francisco is a place you can co-working with cats. The first and only cat cafe in San Francisco. Though we got friendly reminders, the cats are so loving, you won't be able to work :) There's a room, scheduled, reservation only, with the cats, and cafe without cats for people and cat watching with a cup of joe. 

Remote Year as Digital Nomad

If you are considering going co-working full time, why not consider going travel full time, take a remote year and travel as a digital nomad. It's like taking a gap year abroad, somewhere beautiful, except that you also work and are not completely jobless. Quite a few of the above brands offer foreign locations, including surfer heavens like Hawaii. Some European countries can offer a great life-work-balance due to low cost living compared to United States. Portugal for example. There is even a data science class you can take in Bali. You bet some of these classes come with yoga and meditation!

Other Mentions

WeWork the classic coworking space, though it never has private rooms available and the waitlist is long. My friend said it is nice to have downtown LA and SF locations with a business address that you can use. Single Membership can cost up to $500 a month. Members can flow among some of the locations which is cool considering WeWork's sizable network.

There are also co-living spaces with shared gym inside a nice cozy house.

Shopify offers limited but awesome, free co-working for merchants and a few shelf space to show-case local products.

Modernist (private club in downtown SF) offers co-working and afternoon tea in its bar, lounge during off peak hours.

Co-working spaces in the Bay Area:


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Animals that Internet Loves!


Famous sleeping bunny of the internet...

Super cute youtube-famous bunny Pipkin wakes up to fresh food! Super cute.

Pipkin's sound asleep then its owner tested its appetite by surrounding it with fresh food! What happens next is so cute. --> Watch on youtube


Famous photogenic cat of the internet...

How much do we love cats? We will like cats' instagram profile even if they do nothing. Think Maru. Maru just sits and we are like dawwww. 

Here's an instagram famous cat with stuff on it. 

Photographer poses photogenic house cat with strange objects.
Bio : princesscheeto 949 posts 105k followers 95 following i am cheeto. a cat. snap: cheetfeetz


Famous talking dog of the internet ...

"Stella go ~outside~"
Stella's human taught stella how to speak and the result is fantastic. 
On instagram account hunger for words @hungerforwords Christina Hunger taught her best friend to talk and ask for food. And Stella's favorite food? ~outside~ LOL

"Dinosaur Bird" Shoebill that bows in Japan...

You may already know the smart bowing deers in Nara, Japan. They bow and get treats. If you don't, look them up. But this dinosaur bird aka shoebill is even more well behaved. It bows towards its zookeeper, waits patiently to be fed and groomed. 

Hot spring - onsen - capybaras in Japan...

Capybaras are the chill dudes of the animal world that gets along with all others so well. You always see Capybara chilling with some other animal.

Did you know that capybaras get Japanese onsen - hot spring- in Japanese zoos?

Source - 5

Super chill capybaras get along with every one...

Otters in Tuxedo, celebrates birthday...

Avalanche Dogs that Won the GoPro Award

These avalanche dogs save humans, get excited about work and are truly men's best friends. Source 6

The entire imgur is obsessed with sea slugs

There are so many kinds of sea slugs it is amazing. Some are so cute like pikachu, bunny and some are so bizarre like fairies and aliens.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Louis Vuitton Launches Mystic Print new collab with artists!

Did you know that the monogram is actually not the most classic print by Louis Vuitton. The founder's sons created the then "new" design which became today's classic. This mystic print is again new and uncomfortable, but will it become the next?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Accio Intellect - beautiful handwriting and note taking Tumblr account worth following

Extremely neat and beautiful note taking with amazing handwriting called Accio Intellect on Tumblr.

The art of note taking and journaling 

Princesscheeto - cat instagram worth following

Photographer poses photogenic house cat with strange objects.
Bio : princesscheeto 949 posts 105k followers 95 following i am cheeto. a cat. snap: cheetfeetz

Keysmart key organizer that looks like a swiss knife! Lifehack design

Holiday shopping wish list a key organizer that is so slim and compact
it looks like a swiss army knife!
Excellent product design