Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Louis Vuitton Launches Mystic Print new collab with artists!

Did you know that the monogram is actually not the most classic print by Louis Vuitton. The founder's sons created the then "new" design which became today's classic. This mystic print is again new and uncomfortable, but will it become the next?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Accio Intellect - beautiful handwriting and note taking Tumblr account worth following

Extremely neat and beautiful note taking with amazing handwriting called Accio Intellect on Tumblr.

The art of note taking and journaling 

Princesscheeto - cat instagram worth following

Photographer poses photogenic house cat with strange objects.
Bio : princesscheeto 949 posts 105k followers 95 following i am cheeto. a cat. snap: cheetfeetz

Keysmart key organizer that looks like a swiss knife! Lifehack design

Holiday shopping wish list a key organizer that is so slim and compact
it looks like a swiss army knife!
Excellent product design

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Starbucks in Japan

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Friday, May 26, 2017

SLS BEVERLY HILLS - Top 20 Bucket List - Starwoods Hotel Los Angeles

20 novelty things to do at the SLS Beverly Hills - a luxury collection hotel by Starwood SPGLife Beverly Hills Los Angeles.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The famous figure skating athletes behind Yuri On Ice the anime!

New video released on our WTFJapan Youtube Channel. Famous figure skating athletes who appeared on Yuri on Ice the anime.
evgenia medvedeva, evgeni plushenko, johnny weir,  stephane lambiel, yuzuru hanyu,
daisuke takahashi, Nobunari Oda, Michael Martinez

Finally strong evidence that Yuzuru Hanyu is also Yuri Katsuki. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Yuri On Ice - Real People Behind the Show the anime

Daisuke Takahashi Yuri Katsuki

Yuzuru Hanyu and Stephane Lambiel getting cozy and huggy

The question of the day: who is Yuri Katsuki based on?

The answer is: Yuri is Yuri. He is unique. He is himself. There are however characteristics that were borrowed and pieced together to form this unsual character, namely: Daisuke Takahashi, Tatsuki Machida, and may be still a little bit of Yuzuru Hanyu, because he is so sensational. However, Yuzuru Hanyu isn't officially Yuri's prototype. In our easter egg episode 12 on youtube, we saw that JJ was holding an ice skating magazine with Yuzuru Hanyu on the cover.

TL;DR Watch our Youtube video instead

Yuruzu Hanyu and Daisuke Takahashi posing with the Japanese flag. 

Daisuke Takahashi as Yuri Katsuki 

Yuri Katsuki has a glass heart and can perform characteristic unique step sequence. Just like Daisuke Takahashi. Daisuke is an amazing Japanese male figure skater who struggled with consistency but shined on his step sequence techniques. 

Animator and illustrator Junpei sensei tweets about using Daisuke Takashi's step stance in Yuri on Ice #yurionice see gif below

He had a successful junior career, winning the 2002 World Junior Championships in his first and only appearance in this specific competition.  

His senior career on the other hand was very rocky, plagued with inconsistency just like the Japanese Yuri in the anime. 

His ranks could easily shift from the 1st to 15th from season to season and falls from the 1st to 8th from program to program. Despite his struggle with consistency (he could win Grand Prix Final but could also stumble on triple axel and triple loop) just like Yuri in Yuri on Ice, he medaled often, and won plenty of gold, silver as well as bronze medals. He is truly a great figure skater. He was the first Japanese and the first Asian man to win several important championship titles. He is truly one of the shiny stars in this era of Japanese figure skating. 

Kenji Miyamoto is his choreographer, and Stephane Lambiel was also his choreographer. Daisuke Takahashi and Stephane Lambiel performed a duet together, see link below on Youtube.

He was once coached by Nikolai Morozov. Evgeni Plushenko even called Daisuke his hero once. Daisuke has definitely achieved the No.1 Male Figure Skater in the World title a couple of times. 

Stephane Lambiel as Stephane Lambiel the reporter at Grand Prix Final

Stephane Lambiel as Stephane Lambiel in Yuri On Ice

Yuzuru Hanyu posing with stephane lambiel
super cute

Tatsuki Machida as Yuri in anime - Yuri on Ice

Apparently Kubo Mitsuro sensei who scripted Yuri on Ice was quite a fan of Machida Tatsuki, another famous Japanese male figure skater. Just like Yuri, he also performed poorly, in fact, he obtained the last place in his first debut at Grand Prix Final at Yuri's age. He eventually improved so much he obtained a silver medal in 2014 losing just by 0.33 to Yuzuru Hanyu in an impossible jaw dropping come back after that terrible season in the past. Some people say that Yuri Katsuki's last name sounds just like Tatsuki Machida's first name.

Just like Yuri's character design, Machida also trained with a ballet instructor - Phillip Mills.

Stephane Lambiel was once mesmerized by his performance. Stephane even offered to instruct Tatsuki, and Tatsuki was very excited to be able to get the attention of world-class performer and former choreographer of Daisuke Takahashi. We can't help but see a bit of parallel background - Viktor saw Yuri's performance and rushed to coach him against all odds.

Tatsuki Machida also trained in California at a place called ICE CASTLE, where he thought his experience defined his career. Yuri's first training ground in the small town is also ICE CASTLE!!
kubo sensei loves tatsuki machida

Stephane Lambiel Yuzuru Hanyu and Tatsuki Machida posing together selfie

Evgeni Plushenko and Kenji Miyamoto poses as Viktor and Yuri from Yuri On Ice

Wow super yaoi and shocking. Top male figure skater Russian Evgeni Plushenko poses with Kenji Miyamoto, Yuri on Ice anime's and Yuzuru Hanyu's choreographer, in this scandalous photo. 

Kenji Miyamoto is the anime Yuri On Ice's Choreographer

He is a professional Japanese choreographer. He choreographed for this anime, Yuzuru Hanyu (scream~~) and Daisuke Takahashi. 

Stephane Lambiel and Daisuke Takahashi performs a duet - video via Youtube

Johnny Weir talks about watching Yuri on Ice in his recent interview - video via Youtube

He learned about Yuri on Ice through Evgenia Medvedeva's tweets!

Evgenia Medvedeva - Yuri on Ice's No.1 Professional Figure Skater Champion No.1 Fan

Evgenia always tweets about Yuri on Ice, the anime. She has some hilarious reactions. She even inspired Johnny Weir to watch the show. 

Boyang Jin as Guang Hong Ji

A young Chinese figure skater who has made a Grand Prix Final debut and has medaled in regional championships. He is extremely accomplished in a young age.

Jin Boyang is the first skater to ever land a quad lutz-triple toe loop combination in international competition, the first skater to have landed four quad jumps in a free skate and six quads in a competition, and the record holder of scoring the most amount of points on one element (the quad lutz-triple toe loop combination). (wikipedia)

Michael Martinez as Phichit Chulanont

Michael Martinez, the first Filipino and the first Southeast Asian to compete in the Figure Skating Olympics. He even tweeted about his appearance in Yuri On Ice. See our previous Yuri on Ice and the Real People Behind the Show video 


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Johnny Weir interview on Yuri On Ice

Professional figure skater Johnny Weir gives an interview on how he discovered, appreciates and falls in love with Yuri on Ice. He appreciates the details of Yuri on Ice as a professional, giving compliments on the accurate details of the anime.

  • He is a busy frequent flyer who rarely watches shows
  • He first learnt about Yuri on Ice from evgenia medvedeva's twitter account (famous young russian female figure skater and champion). She tweets about Yuri on Ice
  • He noticed Chris and his rose crown lol Chris...
  • The anime reflects a lot of his own real life experience
  • He sees his life story in the anime
  • There are many details in the anime
  • The hotels in the anime even looks like the real one he visited in the Russian cup
  • He was not an anime fan previously
  • Some fans has been tweeting @johnnyweir #yurionice
  • Lots of discussions on twitters

Monday, January 2, 2017

Yuri on Ice - The Real People Behind the Show

Viktor Nikiforov is John Cameron Mitchell

John Cameron Mitchell is the first hot guy Kubo-sensei, who designed the character, could think about who is not a figure skater. 

Evgeni Plushenko poses with Yuri On Ice Choreographer Miyamoto Kenji in this provocative yaoi photo as Viktor and Yuri

Evgeni Plushenko the most decorated Russian figure skating serial medalist poses with Miyamoto Kenji the Japanese choreographer for Yuri On Ice. Wow it really is like the anime Viktor's stare and intimacy always makes Yuri panic.