Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Johnny Weir interview on Yuri On Ice

Professional figure skater Johnny Weir gives an interview on how he discovered, appreciates and falls in love with Yuri on Ice. He appreciates the details of Yuri on Ice as a professional, giving compliments on the accurate details of the anime.

  • He is a busy frequent flyer who rarely watches shows
  • He first learnt about Yuri on Ice from evgenia medvedeva's twitter account (famous young russian female figure skater and champion). She tweets about Yuri on Ice
  • He noticed Chris and his rose crown lol Chris...
  • The anime reflects a lot of his own real life experience
  • He sees his life story in the anime
  • There are many details in the anime
  • The hotels in the anime even looks like the real one he visited in the Russian cup
  • He was not an anime fan previously
  • Some fans has been tweeting @johnnyweir #yurionice
  • Lots of discussions on twitters

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