Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Animals that Internet Loves!


Famous sleeping bunny of the internet...

Super cute youtube-famous bunny Pipkin wakes up to fresh food! Super cute.

Pipkin's sound asleep then its owner tested its appetite by surrounding it with fresh food! What happens next is so cute. --> Watch on youtube


Famous photogenic cat of the internet...

How much do we love cats? We will like cats' instagram profile even if they do nothing. Think Maru. Maru just sits and we are like dawwww. 

Here's an instagram famous cat with stuff on it. 

Photographer poses photogenic house cat with strange objects.
Bio : princesscheeto 949 posts 105k followers 95 following i am cheeto. a cat. snap: cheetfeetz princesscheeto.com


Famous talking dog of the internet ...

"Stella go ~outside~"
Stella's human taught stella how to speak and the result is fantastic. 
On instagram account hunger for words @hungerforwords Christina Hunger taught her best friend to talk and ask for food. And Stella's favorite food? ~outside~ LOL

"Dinosaur Bird" Shoebill that bows in Japan...

You may already know the smart bowing deers in Nara, Japan. They bow and get treats. If you don't, look them up. But this dinosaur bird aka shoebill is even more well behaved. It bows towards its zookeeper, waits patiently to be fed and groomed. 

Hot spring - onsen - capybaras in Japan...

Capybaras are the chill dudes of the animal world that gets along with all others so well. You always see Capybara chilling with some other animal.

Did you know that capybaras get Japanese onsen - hot spring- in Japanese zoos?

Source - 5

Super chill capybaras get along with every one...

Otters in Tuxedo, celebrates birthday...

Avalanche Dogs that Won the GoPro Award

These avalanche dogs save humans, get excited about work and are truly men's best friends. Source 6

The entire imgur is obsessed with sea slugs

There are so many kinds of sea slugs it is amazing. Some are so cute like pikachu, bunny and some are so bizarre like fairies and aliens.

5- https://youtu.be/QUqCWkPlLLc
6- https://youtu.be/wNOxRl48M_s

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