Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pokemon GO - 11 Things You Can Do on the Apple Watch app

Did you know that you can experience an augmented gameplay using the Pokemon GO companion app on the Apple Watch?
  1. Log workout calories and mileage
  2. Walk your pokemon buddy and get candies
  3. Walk to hatch the eggs
  4. Spin pokestops and preview the items
  5. Get an alert screen if no egg is hatching
  6. Get notification if a Pokemon appears nearby
  7. Run the Pokemon GO app in the background on your smart phone via bluetooth - conserves a lot of energy by not using the screen
  8. Play Pokemon GO in a discrete manner on your wrist while keeping your smart phone safe in crowded areas, such as when commuting on a bus
  9. View your buddy mileage progress
  10. View your egg hatching mileage progress
  11. View the pokemon radar or tracker see pokemons nearby
You will not be able to :
  • Catch a pokemon using your apple watch yet
  • Play Pokemon GO on your watch without your active phone

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